Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-In

 I actually remembered to weigh-in today, but it was after breakfast so hopefully I actually weigh a little less. I am cautiously optimistic after the last few days. I once again managed to avoid The Hubby asking about work  and even side-stepped getting involved in his rant against the phone company.

Back in January we owed two phone bills. For a while, it looked like we had to pay both of those at once and he was whining about how he didn't want all of his money to have to go to pay that. It turned out we could just pay one and so that was what he wanted to do. However....for some reason he got in his mind that we didn't have to pay the other one any time in the very near future and sure got cut off. The Internet too.

Last week the bill arrived and the phone company hit us with a reconnection fee for both the cell phones and the Internet service. He's now complaining about it. First, he wanted me to call - but I told him that I thought we actually owed it because it was his choice not pay both at the same time. wanted to know if I thought the phone company would talk to him about it. I said "I don't know. You can try" and left it at that.

I know that is not what he was expecting, but I am trying very hard to focus on what I need to be doing and I am going to make a big attempt at not getting sucked into all of the melodrama that he likes to create.

Anyway, I'm starting to think about the weight loss again (after getting so off-track), so maybe I can make all of this come together if i can just keep moving forward.


  1. That's all we CAN do in life...keep moving forward!

    Yay for you for standing up and making your hubby deal with the phone issue himself especially since it was created due to his own choices.

  2. Hit a brick wall today. Aargh. About to write about it now.