Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Mayhem: Why Not Just Do It?

I've got a doctor appointment for my blood-work this afternoon. I let myself get down to my last thyroid pill, so I've got to go in for my re-test in case the doctor needs to adjust the meds. I was kind of hoping to put it off until tomorrow, but I think getting it done today may be better. I'm kind of dreading it, however, because I suspect we'll go down the path of my blood pressure being high again. :-(

I realize I'm not taking care of myself and I'm just not sure what's up with that. Why not just do it instead of continuing to talk about it? I just can't seem to make a commitment to take care of me. I put everything and everybody ahead of myself. Not in the nurturing type way either...more of a "I'll get around to doing this for myself later..."

I suspect it's because I find the whole thing overwhelming. I also have a tendency to think that things have to be done perfectly or I have failed. Four days of great eating and one day of bad automatically means that I have failed for the week. Crazy logic right? Instead, I should look at that the week is a success because I had four great days, but my mind doesn't see it that way.

Anyway, we'll see what the doctor says and go from there.

Until next time~


  1. I do the same thing, zero in on what I think I have done wrong or not as good as I had hoped, and brush off all my accomplishments, when it comes to this weight loss process. I don't know why I am that tough on myself, maybe because I'm just convinced I'm going to slip up and fail, so that is what stays in the front of my mind.

    Hope things go well at the doctor today!

  2. It may be crazy logic but it's one that I think most of us struggle with!

    The other thing that popped into my head was....your not taking care of yourself because you don't find t worth your time. Is it because of the negativity in your life that you have little or no control over (yeah, you know what I'm talking about I'm sure...I have a similar negative....). For whatever reason you (and myself included) have to figure out that we are totally worth the time and effort that weight loss entails. We are worthy of being svelte, thin and gorgeous (although I think we already are gorgeous..just a larger gorgeous!!!)

    Keep us posted on how the visit with the doctor went!